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Testimonials of the Dan Gauthier Acting Studio and School, offering Acting Classes for the dedicated actor at any stage of his or her career.

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 The Dan Gauthier Acting Studio in the Coachella Valley is simply the best, there’s nothing like it in the entire desert. My experience was fun and valuable!

The Coaching, direction, and quality of tape was great. My daughter’s agent was very pleased!

Dan & Lisa are terrific. They really know their stuff. Excellent!!

I highly recommend this studio to all seeking a new experience or to better their craft.


The Dan Gauthier Acting Studio is simply the best – there is nothing like it in the entire desert.  I have had other good acting teachers in the Coachella Valley,  but this Acting Studio is the full package.  Dan’s unique teaching style is laid back and keeps everyone at an equal level. HIs ability to share his 30 of acting experience (he is still a working actor) in multiple ways keeps the experience fun, fresh, most of all, a valuable experience. In the current class,  there is a mix of improv,  filmed scene study,  guest teachers from the industry,  and of course always in the mix are his wonderful stories.  This guy knows his stuff but what I like is everything I am learning is helping me to be a more confident person in my everyday life.  So even if I decide not to act,  I win.  Having our scene study filmed is incredibly helpful because I can actually see where I need to improve and that is helping me a more effective communicator.

– Carol D., Rancho Mirage, CA

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My daughter is an actress, and while in Palm Springs visiting the grandparents she had a self-tape audition opportunity. We were so thankful to find the Dan Guathier Acting Studio. Dan was very accommodating so we could send the tape in good time. He and his wife, Lisa, met us at the studio and read with my daughter. Coaching, direction, and quality of tape was great. Her agent was very pleased!

Erin, Google Review

My son has had a great experience at Dan Gauthier Acting Studio! Typically, my son is more relaxed about things he does (doesn’t show too much excitement), but these classes have really turned on his enthusiasm. Once he gets out of class, he says he can’t wait until the next and it shows. He works diligently on his “homework” (monologues he is given to practice) and goes back all smiles. A big part of that reaction comes from Dan’s ability to make the class fun, low pressure, and educational. I highly recommend this studio to all seeking a new experience or to better their craft.

– Jessica P. Parent to a child who attended a kids acting class

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I’ve taken other acting classes, but they’ve always felt false or unhelpful to me. It was always scene study, or focus on interpreting a text.

Dan’s approach is novel because under under his system, the actor isn’t really interpreting the text. Rather, the text is interpreting the actor. Everything Dan preaches is about honesty, and the importance of letting the text drive your action and reactions, rather than trying to “make it interesting” or “emote properly.”

It’s a great class, Dan and Lisa are great. They create an environment where it feels safe to take risks, which is a big deal when so many acting teachers denigrate and demean their students.

I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in taking their acting up a level – or writers, directors, artists who are trying to get in touch with that elusive spirit of spontaneity that always seems present when we’re at our best.

Cody F. 

I attended an improv workshop here with a group of work colleagues. Dan was a superb host! We had so much fun and he guided us through really well. Highly recommended.

Lisa R. 

I love my current class with Dan Gauthier and his wife, Lisa. They are committed to sharing their experience from over 30 years of acting and it shows in Dan’s teaching style and all the little extras from Lisa. Class is a mix of improv, filmed scene study, all interspersed with Dan’s experience (stlll a working actor) and vast knowledge of the business. In addition to an incredible learning experience, I have never had so much fun in a class.

Carol D. 

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Took my two 8 year old Grandkids for a private lesson, and they had a great time. Dan and his wife Lisa are wonderful instructors, very friendly and work great with kids. They are very encouraging and bring out the best in the students. It was a great experience, wish my grandkids lived closer so they could attend weekly classes.

Dan and Lisa are thoughtful and encouraging instructors, and have a knack for bringing out excellence in students. Everyone in class and seemed inspired to push themselves. I was impressed with the first class at the studio, and I’ll definitely be back!

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